A beloved classic

The Gretel classic Mary Jane is the more extroverted sister of Hansel, and the more traditional cousin of Birdie.

This lovely classic Mary Jane has an archetypal quality in keeping with the tradition of this style. A bit on the casual side due to the wider toe and brogue pattern, but that just means you can wear them all the time. I designed this sweetheart with a round toe for comfort, a wide strap for security and a low heel for stability. Because yes, please. It’s built on vintage men’s lasts made in 1958 which means you’re gonna get practical, all day comfort while staying decidedly femme of center. Pretty and pragmatic, more durable than delicate this Mary Jane also has a little rockabilly vibe.

Get our there and galavant

There are some days that you just want to stay curled up with a good book. And then there are those other days that you will feel compelled to get lost in the woods, skip through the meadows, sing from the mountaintop, picnic in the park, stroll through the farmer’s market, bike to brunch, or any number of other things.

And at the same time you could also be running after children, running for the train, running for office or running from bears. Or maybe you’re shooting film, or writing, or coding or working on your car or making lunch or OMG, there are so many things that you could be doing. But in all seriousness, regardless of whatever it happens to be, the things you do are important and you shouldn’t have to worry about your shoes not being as awesome as you are while you’re doing them.


I don’t have anything against Hansel, but Gretel was the real hero of that story. Twice. Just sayin’.