A classic men’s shoe for the non-traditionalist

This is my take on a classic men’s shoe, the quarter brogue oxford. I will be the first to admit that I find a lot of oxfords a bit overdetermined in their quest for elegance, which leaves a lot of guys cold. Looking like a dandy can be dandy, but isn’t for everyone. But even for the fancy clothes adverse, there are always those times when putting on a pair of dress shoes becomes an unavoidable necessity. Most men have about 3 pair in the back of their closet which they hate equally for different reasons, and only wear when forced by occasion.

Rough hewn sensibility meets elegance, and they get along

This shoe is for the man who hates dress shoes. For the kind of guys who would prefer to stay home than wear something that they think makes them look ridiculous. The Hansel is day suit worthy yet undeniably masculine and extremely comfortable. The toe is wide enough to accommodate those who hate the look, or cannot stand the feel of a narrow toe without looking like casual or utilitarian. Minimal broguing accentuates the subdued elegance of the style without being attention grabbing or fussy.

When you won’t sacrifice comfort for style

Some people like their feet to look long and narrow. Some people don’t, or can’t bear it for issues of fit. There are people that like the ornate detailing of a full brogue. Others prefer a minimalist look. But all these people agree that you can’t be your best when your feet are enclosed in something that makes you feel miserable. So, I designed this shoe for all the wide footed, understated guys out there. They deserve to look killer on any occasion without having to pretend that their feet belong to someone else.