Rocking style

This Classic Monk Strap is for the rebel we are, the rebel we love, or the rebel we would love to become.

Although minimal in design, The Special delivers head turning, high impact style. Unlike the more trendy double Monk, the defiantly single strap lends an air of individuality and distinction. It’s a more timeless or classic look for those who are not interested in conforming to the popular or can’t help but march to the beat of their own sartorial drum. And maybe best of all, the single strap also allows for more bold color choices (think blue, y’all) without becoming too flashy or fussy. The rounded toe of The Special gives it a rocker vibe, in contrast to the equally irreverent Leon that leans a little more to the smooth. The double sole shown here adds an element of shit kicking substantiality, as well as paying tribute to that other edgy heartthrob, the creeper.

Serious cool

The Special says, We don’t need no stinking laces. It asks, Who are you going to be tonight? The lone wolf, or the leader of the pack?

But seriously, this Classic Monk Strap provides a much needed, fashion forward alternative to the usual dress shoe suspects. Because it doesn’t adhere to the norm, the monk strap says serious cool in a way that no other shoe does. More daring than a Derby and less formal than an Oxford, a Classic Monk Strap is an amazingly versatile shoe that can go where you want it. It’s a shoe for folks know how to be dapper without being conformist, or want to be well dressed while retaining a devil may care attitude.  So. You know how to do it. Rock them with a business suit. Rock them with denim. Just rock.