A classic Full Brogue Derby

Ah, the Wingtip, brogued within an inch of its life. What could be more timeless, more iconic, more versatile?  Sturdy, comfortable, endlessly adaptable. Appropriate in almost every context, though never formal.  Equally welcomed in a board room as in a pool hall, the Full Brogue Derby is a universally understood shoe whose meaning is defined by the context in which it is worn. The undisputed master of sartorial code switching. This shoe is at home everywhere, is fluent in everything and gets along with almost everyone. 

Brogued or plain, the Derby in any form is a little more versatile in style, and a little less formal than the Oxford.  A little more salt of the earth. The Indexical adheres to all traditional design elements of this style, yet the square toe adds a touch of brashness and keeps it from sliding into the morass of sameness. Makes it a little more hip than conservative. A little more beatnik than square. Probably more bop than swing.

In my opinion this shoe is perfect for the interesting (subtle, balanced, intriguing, winning, etc.) person that is well-versed in the different metaphorical fashion lexicons employed by people of diverse social registers. That said, it’s also perfect for the uncultured misanthropic bore who eschews all social niceties and nevertheless has very good taste in footwear. The Indexical can be found in in almost any milieu. Trouncing everyone in croquet. Spearheading the beer run. Cleaning up at the card table. Washing the dishes. Handing you your ass at Scrabble. Charming your un-charmable Aunty. And all this while looking legit AF and completely in keeping with the situation.


Sorry, (not sorry), but a little more word nerdery. An indexical is, roughly speaking, a linguistic expression (or for our purposes, a piece of clothing) whose reference can shift from context to context.