Sandal Making Workshop

Learn how to design and craft a classic all leather sandal that will fit you perfectly and last a lifetime. In this two day workshop we will be using all vegetable-tanned leather to build your perfect sandal. Stay true to the classics or create your own style through a selection of strap type and color, hardware, and soling. The workshop will begin with an evening of design and concept orientation followed by two days of hands on construction of your sandals.


To insure a perfect fit we will trace your feet for size and shape, determining optimal strap placement based on your design and personal bone structure.  We will go through all the steps of construction and finishing, and you will learn to create patterns, cut, dye and prepare straps and footbeds, as well as form heels and soling.

This class is suitable for beginners.

Workshop price includes tax and materials

Workshop Dates:

  • May 18-19 (Orientation May 17, 6-8pm)
  • June 1-2 (Orientation May 31, 6-8pm)
  • June 22-23 (Orientation June 21, 6-8pm)
  • July 13-14 (Orientation July 12, 6-8pm)
  • July 27-28 (Orientation July 26, 6-8pm)
  • August 10-11 (Orientation August 9. 6-8pm)

Workshop Hours

  • Design and Concept Orientation 6 – 8:00 pm
  • Day One 10am – 5pm
  • Day Two 10am – 5pm

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Ever wanted to make your own footwear?

Start by taking a sandal making workshop…

In this two day sandal making workshop you will produce a fully functional pair of all vegetable-tanned leather sandals. Your friends will covet them. They will last you for years. And when people inevitably ask you where you got them you get to say “I made them.”

During the workshop we will be covering all the steps to make a classic all leather sandal in the tradition of the legendary Barbara Shaum. Personalized. Unique. Bespoke.  We’ll start with a concept and inspiration session to get your design ideas and your creativity flowing. Then we follow up with two fun and intense days to actualize and construct them, step by step, all by hand.

Add another set of skills to your arsenal of awesomeness.

This sandal making workshop is an entry level class, but will be fun for everyone regardless of skill level.  Not only will you walk away in some killer sandals, you will also be leaving with some killer new skills. Unless you have a strong background in leatherwork we will be introducing you to a whole new world of leather, leather dyes, industry specific tools and techniques. Making sandals is probably the best, easiest and most gratifying way to get a taste of what making footwear is all about. It is a class can definitely be taken more than once. The range of possibilities are endless and once you get your first pair made you will almost definitely want to make more.

This a class that offers much more than your regular class for beginners. If you are a total newbie, this class is for you. If you already have a background in footwear, this class is for you. If you are a crafting Titan this class is for you.

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Workshop Dates

May 18-19, June 1-2, June 22-23, July 13-14, July 27-28, August 10-11