Low boot, maverick style

Meet the Lodger. This handsome beast is the derby version of the Drummer, my other favorite low boot. While the Drummer has a more elegant, refined, even restrained aesthetic, the Lodger shines here as the rougher, tougher, adventuresome side of this duo. Designed to be a relief from the classic desert boot or the ubiquitous chukka this low derby boot shares some similarities with both through flexibility of style and comfort. You get the same versatility and practicality, but with just enough differences to be notable.

Boldly go

Despite the simplicity of the design this low boot will separate you from the flock. And you’ll be cool with that. Maybe this means you are a little bolder. Maybe it makes you feel a little more willing to go against the grain. The aesthetic that is created by the spareness of design and utter lack of ornamentation can accommodate even the wildest or unusual color in a way that feels both stable and deliberate. The hard lines and square edges feel at once ancient, contemporary and futuristic. It evokes images of travel into the unfamiliar, adventures into the unknown. The prodigal. The exile. The outlaw.  Can you tell that I love this design? I do. I really do.

And keep it going

These boots are crazy comfortable all day walking machines. The top line hits just above the ankle bone to give protection and additional stability without the chafe. The full leather insole and outsole form to your feet and become buttery soft without losing their toughness. I’ve probably mentioned this elsewhere, but another benefit of an all leather shoe is that your feet won’t stink. No, really. Leather has wicking and antibacterial properties. Now you can feel as confident when you’re taking them off as you do when you’re wearing them. Wink.