Brutally understated elegance

The Drummer is a style that I have a major crush on. This Low Oxford Boot has a more quiet, elegant, even restrained aesthetic in contrast to its rougher, tougher Lodger twin. Clean lines, almost spartan in their austerity, create an modern yet timeless boot with undeniable appeal. Uniquely individual without being obvious or showy. Leather laces, storm welt and brass eyelets enhance the utilitarian sturdiness without undermining the refined feel. More interesting than a chukka and more attractive than a desert boot, but just as versatile as both. Perfect with denim, perfect with tweed. Just kinda perfect.

The love that loves to love

Despite the severity of line, there is an inexplicably romantic feel to this Low Oxford Boot. You realize there’s more here than meets the eye. Something about this style holds an allure, a mystique. A promise of inner riches, of depths worth plunging, of loves worth chasing. You feel me? The knight in shining armor. The charming dyer’s apprentice. The nostalgic poet. The highland warrior laird. The ones who dare to go forth and find their love between the words, beneath language. Ok, I’m swooning again. Sorry.

Timeless and pragmatic style

Exactly like the Lodger, The Drummer can take you wherever it is that you like to roam. Both are built on vintage factory lasts from 1958, and so share the same combination of practicality and comfort with eye catching style. The aesthetic that is created by the spareness of design and utter lack of ornamentation will create a balance to even the wildest or unusual color in a way that feels both stable and deliberate. The top line hits just above the ankle bone to give protection and additional stability. The full leather insole and outsole form to your feet and become buttery soft without losing their toughness. Don’t stop dreaming, dreamer.