Unequivocal Cool

This Single Monk Strap is as a sleeker beast than The Special, yet shares the same qualities of unequivocal cool and high impact style. But where The Special rocks the Leon rolls. This coolest of cats struts the tracks between dressy and casual with its tail in the air. It’s devilishly stylish without being over determined and can give jeans, a suit, or even a tux more edge without getting too rebellious. The single strap and square toe makes this style a bolder choice, but tell me, what’s wrong with that? The Single Monk Strap isn’t trying to play it safe. The Leon is one of the more fashion forward dress shoes turned up a notch and a perfect storm for those looking for a smashingly versatile new addition to their closet.

Confidence and Individual Style

The most important accessory to having incredible style is confidence. Not that overly dominating and aggressive confidence of someone who has something to prove. I’m talking here about that quiet, self assuredness that comes from knowing who you are. The alpha kind of confidence. The kind of confidence that means you can stroll into a formal event nonchalantly underdressed and Aunty Beatrice ends up showing you around instead of showing you the door. The kind of style that is a result of having the confidence to push your own boundaries to where you would like them to be instead of where everyone else thinks they should.

To Prowl or to Pounce

This could be your everyday shoe. This could be your statement shoe. In either case The Leon does not f**k around but gets straight to the business of being super fly, and you could do the same. Much of how this style lands is going to be about which color you choose. But whether you go classic or bold, this shoe is going to stand out. So go on, you. Stand out at the next black-tie event. Even with all the second looks you’ll be receiving, believe me, nobody’s Aunty is going to be giving you side-eye.