Birdie is as Birdie does

This spunky low heeled T-strap Mary Jane is more sly vixen than plain Jane and will give your other footwear the vapors. A practical low heel has been balanced by an elegant but comfortable almond toe because that’s what Birdie asked for. Adorned with modern and minimal broguing for maximum versatility in styling. For swing dancing, park romping, bar crawling, bike riding, office scampering, taxi chasing as well as sitting properly with your knees together if you wanna do that.

Birdie is a minx

Like Gretel, Birdie is really a man’s dress shoe in disguise with all the benefits and none of the limitations. Designed for prettiness and built on vintage men’s lasts from 1958 for all day comfort, because Birdie needs to get around. But don’t you fret – that doesn’t mean that these shoes will be too wide or clunky or heavy or anything. It only means they will be comfortable in most situations, under conditions expected and unforeseen, just like they should be. Because you really should be able to go from doing whatever it is that you do during the day to whatever it is that you do at night without having to change your shoes. At least, that’s what Birdie thinks.

Birdie doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks

This saucy T-strap Mary Jane could be a charmingly sweet and salty addition to your collection. One of the beauties of T-straps is that they can be dressed up or down, and I’m not just saying that, they really, really can. Birdie goes out with jeans and dresses. With jumpers. And shorts. And pedal pushers. There will be a lot of indiscriminate non-binary sartorial flirtation going on in your closet. You will find that almost everything in your wardrobe will get a major crush on these shoes and that you will too.