Select your size (pleasepleaseplease refer to the sizing chart first). If you don’t see your size, or have feet that are different sizes, or would like a custom fitting please check out my Customization page and email me.

Select the color of your choice from the list. If you would like shoes made in a color not listed, please check out the Customization page first before getting in touch.

Select your gender. The only reason this really matters (for me) is when I’m making a pair of sandals. In my experience people who identify female generally (not all the time, I know) choose to wear a sandal that makes the foot look more graceful or has a more delicate profile, and people who identify as male generally (and again, this is just in my experience) have a tendency to choose a sandal that makes their foot look larger, and well, more manly.

With the shoes, however, the only reason I like to know is for sizing. All the shoe styles are completely unisex and will be finished as such unless you request something else.

If you’d like something completely custom made please check out all the Custom Options and then drop me a line.

You also need to select whether you are paying in full, or the 50% deposit. Then you can check out! For more info on all of this kind of stuff check here.

All my shoes are made to order. Because I craft each 100% by hand, please be patient. Delivery times for ready to wear styles normally range within 3-4 weeks once your deposit has been made. For custom fit or design please allow for an additional 2-3 weeks. If I’m super backed up I will let you know before I start on your order and give you a better idea of when they will be done.

For made to order items I will only begin the production process once I receive a deposit of 50%. Once your shoes are done, they will be ship the next business day after final payment.

Please see the policies page for all the deets about deposits, payments, term payment options, returns, exchanges and credit details.

I am always happy to discuss any customization of color, style, design details, additional sizes or custom fit. Some customization choices are included in the base price, while others require additional charges.

Please check out Custom Options for all the details, then we can chat.