There are a couple ways to pay – you can use the features through the product page, or I can issue you an invoice via Paypal. If you’ve used the deposit option on the product page you will be sent automatic email reminders to pay the remaining amount after a specific number of days. Then, you can pay the remaining amount later by logging in. If you’ve chosen the Paypal option you will be able to pay the remainder in any increment until the full price is reached.


Unless you have paid for your order in full I will require a deposit of 50% to hold your spot in a class or workshop or before I start building your shoes. You can do that right on the product page, or directly with me in the event you want to add some custom options. Once I receive your deposit I will get in touch with you and make for sure for sure that I have your order written up exactly before I start production. It’s my policy that no refunds will be given for deposits, but that the total amount will be credited towards a future purchase or service.


Sometimes one does not have a substantial chunk of change squirreled away to make a big deposit or purchase. For those moments I offer a very flexible layaway plan. And there is no additional fee for layaways, because that would kinda defeat the purpose, right?

If you wish to set one up, please contact me and we’ll make it happen.

How this works: I will issue you a layaway invoice via Paypal for the total amount of your dream shoe or workshop/class tuition that can be paid in installments of whatever amount you would like, whenever you like. Easy peasy.

Once you reach your 50% deposit amount we will revisit your order and write it in stone– perhaps you started the layaway wanting one thing and in the interim realized that you really must have something else. Once we have done that I will be able to hold your place in a class, or start building your shoe, and all my regular polices for refunds, exchanges and credits will apply.

If, in some really unlikely occurrence I change the original price (up or down) of the item you are working towards during your layaway period I will honor whichever price is lower.

While you are in process of paying up to your 50% goal it is my policy that absolutely no refunds will be given. Any amount that you have paid will be credited towards a future purchase. You will be responsible for making your payments – I will not remind or pester you. And remember, in the event of cancellation before you have reached the 50% goal, I will credit all money you have paid toward a future purchase only.



Because I am a very small shop I am unable to offer a full refund for any shoes for any reason. Each pair I make involves a lot time, materials and care. That said, if for whatever reason you are not happy with your shoes, please let me know right away and I will do what I can to make it right.

For shoes that have been ordered “ready-to-wear”, that is, with no customizations that incurred additional charges I will be happy to either exchange them for another pair or extend a credit to be used later. If you would like a refund I will do so less the price of return shipping, plus a 25% restocking fee.

For shoes that have been ordered with additional charges due to customizations I will also be able to remake your shoes, or offer you a credit for the full price. However, if you need to return them I will only be able to refund you 50% of the full price, less return shipping. So please, before committing to your purchase be sure you have reviewed the sizing chart and have made sure to ask me any questions you have before I start making your shoes.

I will accept exchanges and returns of unworn shoes within 10 days of receiving them, so that you can try them. Please respect the work I’ve put into your shoes and only try them on something smooth and clean to protect the surface of sole in case of an exchange. Return shipping for exchanges (not refunds) is on me. If you need to exchange for another size, you will be put at the front of the line for a remake, and I will send you a paid USPS return label. Your new shoes will be ready as soon as possible, usually in about 3 weeks.

I will not accept any exchanges or returns of worn, damaged or altered shoes. None. Please do not wear the shoes on anything but a clean carpet, rug or towel unless you have committed to purchasing that exact pair.


Because I am a very small shop I am unable to offer a full refund for any classes or workshops for any reason. Each class requires materials that I have to buy in advance and unless I have a waiting list for that particular class or workshop I may be unable to replace you if you need to cancel.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to get more info about my class and workshop cancellation policies.