If you would like anything made differently, please contact me and we can write up a custom order.

Customizations can happen in two areas:

Custom Style

Some customization choices are included in the base price, while others will necessarily require additional charges. If you have any questions about this just get in touch.

Included in base price:

All shown colors (includes two-tone)

Different color buckles than shown

Less or very slightly modified or no broguing

Remove toe cap or counter

Change from wingtip overlays on toe and heel to straight overlays and vice versa

Tiny sizes that are not listed on the chart

Lop-sizes if you have different size feet

In addition to base price:

Custom color

Custom details (additional broguing, custom broguing, decorative stitching etc)

Custom design (something that would require me to make a new pattern)

Yeti sizes (if you’re at /or over a men’s size 13-1/2)

I’m sure there are some options I have forgotten to mention, so if there’s something you would like that isn’t on these lists feel free to ask.

Custom Fit

Custom fit shoes will be made in a three-step process (you will need to be physically present for the first two only):

If you would like a custom fitting, please drop me a line for an appointment. At this time, all measurements for custom fittings must be made in person. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to do virtual fittings, but until I find the technology to do so you’re going to have to bring your feet to my studio.

Custom Fit Process

  1. Foot measurement, design discussion and quote

I will take your measurements and we will choose a last to customize to your individual feet. If you are going for a custom design as well you also should bring any shoes, photos, sketches, and color examples that will aid our process. At this point, I will give you a price quote based on our decisions regarding fit and style.  A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the quoted price will be required before I begin to work on your shoes.

  1. Mock up

At this meeting I will have made a fitter shoe (or pull over) for you to try on. We will assess the fit and design and decide if any adjustments need to be made. If the adjustments are minor, we will proceed to step 3. If the adjustments are major it will be necessary to repeat this step. This does not normally incur any additional charges, but may, depending upon the severity of the adjustments. A final price will be agreed upon at this point.

  1. Finished Pair

The shoes will be completed and ready for you to wear. Balance of final price must be made before shipment or pick up.



All my custom fit shoes are built on vintage lasts that have been altered to fit your foot, and don’t have the same flexibility as a custom made last would. If you have very high or very low arches the best I would be able to do is to make space for an insert of your choosing, but won’t be able to insure a perfect fit. Check out Sizing and Fit.

Unfortunately, at this time I am not able to accommodate orthotics or extremely unusual feet or chronic foot problems. While my shoes are made entirely of leather and will form to your foot for a very comfortable fit they are in no way a replacement for orthotic footwear, and if you have a history of fit or feel issues you will almost definitely have the same issues with my shoes.